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Quotations Telling and Memorable Resounding In Our Plight

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Remarkable and Telling Quotations Memorable and Resounding In Our Plight.

> We are trained to kill before we are killed.” Comments made by fanatical NWA airlines stewardess Sherrie Caudill, with prejudicial vehemence and hostility in her voice.
> Hennipen County Guard MUSING AT MY INJURIES: “Whoa! Who did this to you?! Oh wait! –Le’ me guess! Minneapolis Police right?! Oh yeah those guys are wild and crazy guys (laughing)! ”
> Nicole Rochet Canadian Human Rights: “Are you a Canadian citizen? This is important for us to know so that we can properly assist you” A question posed to me over the phone by Canadian Human Rights head Nicole Rochet.
> “This appears to fall under American jurisdiction.” A written refusal for assistance from Canadian Human Rights came shortly thereafter, with this reasoning as grounds for non assistance-ironic given the conversation that preceded it. (see above)

"LET US KNOW IF THEY TORTURE YOU OR ASK YOU TO COMMIT INDECENT ACTS- BEYOND THIS WE WILL NOT GET INVOLVED" Canadian Consulate member Astelle Arnud-Battahdier speaking to me by phone in the United States regional office while I remained jailed and my eye still soaked in blood, prior to FBI interrogation.

> Our ‘defense’ Lawyer Robert Jones: “We (the prosecuting attorney and I) slammed back a few, we played hockey together” – ‘defense’ lawyer Robert Jones conspired with the prosecution to malign us in the court process and mused about his deep rooted connection with the prosecution while at the trial- as if in mockery of my impossible position.

> Canada Post’s message on my sabotaged legal mail: “We apologize for this INCIDENT.” Legal Clinic mail that had been sent to me by an Ontario legal clinic arrived ripped in shreds, the contents removed with the above message adorning the sealed plastic envelope that contained it.

(***I discovered their complete inefficacy only after having spent copious hours over the phone with this individual over the phone for weeks on end without him having made me aware of these facts, under a pretence that he was in a position to assist.)

> “Whoa, looks like they worked you over good!!”- A jailed individual in the Hennipen County Facility where I was being illegally detained (and threatened) without any Miranda rights having been read.

> NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Vancouver Head Earl Ford: “Looks like they set you up really good!! Seems your goose is almost cooked! I know you’re telling the truth but I still have to convince the NAACP National Headquarters to help you!”

> “These guys are the spooks” – ‘defense’ lawyer Robert Jones commenting on the NSA presence on my jury pool. (Constituting a corrupted and illegally fashioned jury pool, with FBI, CIA, MN Police, Military, prosecuting attorneys and Northwest Airlines personnel also present on the jury pool!!!

> “We wouldn’t lie to you ma’am.” Comments made by MN Airport Police, as they lied to my mother and withheld badge numbers from her relating to the officers involved in the attack. Five Officers were involved in the attack, however only four badge numbers were given at the time, and officers professed that there were no other badge numbers to be given, stating “yeah that’s about all of them.” Officers and FBI would go on to perjure and falsify reports extensively.

> Officer Wingate explaining the brutal attack on my person: " It’s a little crazy up here, but we tend to shoot first ask questions later."
.... Were not like those cops in Canada, those guys are huge.”

Parkdale Legal Clinic Member, Ian Hu, at 416-531-2411 ext. 254 “ The US marshals have been known to come across the border illegally to kidnap people. For this reason we at the Parkdale Legal Clinic recommend a conciliatory approach.”(NOW SEE JUDGE DAVID S. DOTY’S THREAT BELOW!!)

> Judge Doty – and his threats made against us right in the courtroom:(and see directly above!!-these threats have been acted on before!) I’ll have the U.S. Marshals hunt you down!!! And don’t think its not like Hollywood, because it is. You don’t come back- the US Marshals will chase you down! They will not stop. You understand? They will get you years later. They will come for you. But I’m not too worried; We have a good relationship with Canada as it stands. .
Note:(Many U.S. judges are gaining due notoriety for their tyranny in the present times)

An attorney with whom I spoke on my tapped phone line who’s name I will keep anonymous out of consideration spoke out on Notorious Judge Doty. “ I am familiar with Judge David Doty- let’s just leave it at that…I have to be careful what I say on this line. I am very sure that the NSA are on our line and on any line going from Canada into the United States, for a certainty, so we need to be careful what we say…”

Alex Jones Info Wars: In the early years of the 21st century terrorism was used by governments across the world as a pretext to scare their populations into submission. Life became a surveillance grid (see NSA/ Lawyer's comment above ) nightmare with every individuals actions ruthlessly catalogued and recorded by the state. Secret arrests check points and warrantless searches spread, the final incremental march of the police state culminating in open martial law. This is the story of how the elite sold their people into slavery and scared the ones who would stand and brave people of the west into submitting into being cannon fodder in wars for world domination.

> Officer Wingate: “You’re a big Guy (Profiling…) When You sort of flexed (?!) we expected blows coming and we had to act.” Apparently being ‘a big guy’ and moving the wrong way or twitching warrants a savage attack- just in case…

> One of the Alina Ambulance attendants on scene (the hostile one of the two-the other was very supportive): In response to statements made by my mother and I about having been victimized herein, he responded cynically, “We’re all victims- of whatever we say we are.”

> “Stay out of our way- Don’t interfere! You understand?!” A threatening message left on answering machine of a friend of mine in an attempt to intimidate and dissuade him from assisting me. We feel that the message was most likely left by agents amongst FBI, CIA, NSA or MN Police.

> Border threat by border personnel agent Chris Nissan: “ Boy you’re going to have some serious problems when you come back to the border”
(Given Judge Doty’s Ominous Threats, his notoriety as an X-U.S. Marine, the attacks and violations already incurred, the statement had a foreboding resonance to it that was not forgotten.)

> “This is horrible I saw absolutely no defense here!!” / Communities United Against Police Brutality head, Bill Cooley, remarked on the complete lack of effort put forth in our defense by ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones, of Carlson and Jones, who conspired with the prosecution to sabotage our case and aide in false conviction.

> “He wouldn’t hold still for his pictures so we choked him out and took pictures of it Ha! Ha! Ha!…” (Laughing and musing amongst themselves at the inmates’ expense) As we stood there wrapped in chains and defenseless, in the elevator shaft up to the courthouse, the guards, in classic form, took it upon themselves to allude to actions of violence against ‘non-compliant’ inmates in what was a habitual and systematic practice of intimidation in close quarters without outside witness.
> U.S. Department of Justice, Justice Division, Special Litigations Section representative, Anthony Njoku “Well no you see we don’t actually act on individual cases. We just compile information and look for trends with which we can approach the government once we have established a lot of similar cases - I then prompted ‘and you go back and assist people thereafter?” to which he responded, “Well no…”

> “Sergeant Milton immediately stated he didn’t feel comfortable (classic profiling rhetoric) with James walking off the aircraft unhand-cuffed (I had just been told I was not under arrest) and instructed him to cuff him as soon as possible” Excerpt from MN Police Statement following the incident

> Officer Wingate “I don’t know how it happened but when you were tased somehow I did a flip and went head over heals” (musing to himself-he was not injured and felt it was humorous) ***This statement, made in the context of discussion with the officer at the hospital where I received treatment for my injuries, is evidentiary of the mutual impact between officers as they attacked me, generating the contusion to one of the officers with which they would later falsely frame me in cover for their hyenas unwarranted and violent attack.

> “Yeah I guess you were cooperating before and after being tasered, really…” (Officer Brad Wingate, while in attendance at the hospital in private discussion with my mother and I as I received my stitches for my injuries.)
Of course, this admission would not make its way to stand at trial. Instead officers would perjure themselves and lie on stand, as has been their habit.

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